Client recommandations

Vous trouverez ci-dessous quelques-uns des témoignages de clients qui m'ont fait confiance :

Valerie has provided invaluable support and expertise in a long running and frustrating issue with an energy supplier (Primagaz) where despite having failed to provide anything like a service previously they were trying to enforce payment for a service I had cancelled.
Her expert and realistic advice on how to handle the dispute was invaluable. She was very tenacious and when they tried to enforce payment by another method blocked them effectively. Without her I would have been forced into paying exorbitant charges and possibly being forced into continuing a very sub standard service.

David (GB)

Avocat au barreau de Poitiers, je certifie avoir personnellement constaté les compétences de Mme PETRY-LYNCH en matière de traduction de langue anglaise. Dans les dossiers dans lesquels ses compétences ont été requises, celle-ci s'est acquitté avec professionnalisme et rigueur de ses missions, apportant aux traductions simultanées qui lui étaient demandées toute la précision et la 

nuance qui me semblent requises pour ce type d'expertise au judiciaire.

Lee (86)

My sister bought a land and was horrified to find her planning permission refused a few months later. We found out that the person my sister had bought her land through was a struck off notaire who had applied for the CU on three occasions. We were then referred to an avocat who charged us 2500 €  for putting in a appeal which was rejected.
Having told Valerie the above she said that something must be done as this was a total injustice. 
Valerie met with both the person in the planning office and a new avocat and prepared a complete folder of evidence. She also agreed a very good price with the avocat and agreed payment terms.
We are pleased to say that thanks to Valerie's hard work and perseverance we were successful in the court and obtained all our money back.  If it hadn't been for meeting Valerie,we would never have seen a penny as no one was prepared to listen.
Thank you Valerie - you are and impressive opponent and I'm glad you were on our side !

Jocelyn (16)

Greffier d'Instruction au TGI de Poitiers, j'atteste de la qualité professionnelle de Mme PETRY-LYNCH qui transpose en simultané anglais-français, ce qui rend les interrogatoires d'une fluidité remarquable. Mme PETRY-LYNCH fait toujours le maximum pour répondre aux besoins de la Justice et ce avec courtoise.

Marie-Françoise (86)

I would happily recommend Valerie for her skills. She is organised, professional and knowledgeable.

Nick (79)

Nous, Florence OB, greffier au TGI de Poitiers, attestons que Mme PETRY-LYNCH, interprète traducteur, convoquée régulièrement aux fins d'interprétariat en langue anglaise à notre cabinet, a toujours répondu présent à nos convocations et ce malgré des délais parfois très courts.

Florence (86)

I am delighted to see that Valerie has  been taken on board officially as an expert near the Appeal Court in translations and interpreting.
During my time in France she has been invaluable in assisting me through the bureaucratic minefields of the French system, whether it be tax, legal matters, or a simple letter translation she has always made herself readily  available and more to the point her exceptional language skills have saved me many hours of work, and stress.
A very good lady to know, Thank you Valerie.

Jim (86)

En tant que Juge d'Instruction à Poitiers, je ne peux que souligner la qualité de votre travail puisque de toute évidence, vous maitrisez absolument parfaitement la langue anglaise, assurez fidèlement la traduction, y compris dans les intonations et expressions idiomatiques. Je dois dire par ailleurs que 

vous vous êtes toujours montrée disponible et diligente pour effectuer vos travaux de traduction. J'ajoute que vous êtes d'une parfaite discrétion ce qui en la matière est indispensable.

Delphine (86)

We would like to say a big thank you to Valerie for the assistance she has given us since our move to the area.  Her guidance on such matters as understanding the complexities of the French health system - even joining us at the local hospital in an emergency, and translating between ourselves and the medical staff ; the completion of several documents relating to car registration and driving licence(s) ; even extending to accompanying us to the Prefecture in Poitiers.  She gave us help and advice in the organization of hospital consultancy visits before our respective operations. All of this was undertaken in a very professional and friendly manner.

Jeff & Ann (86)

J'exerce la profession d'avocat à Paris et j'interviens régulièrement auprès d'une clientèle anglophone pour les besoins de sa défense. J'ai rencontré des interprètes de qualité inégale et je peux attester par la présente que j'ai pu juger de l'excellente qualité du travail de Mme PETRY-LYNCH... Je n'avais jamais rencontré d'interprète maitrisant à ce point le vocabulaire anglais et 

fournissant un niveau de traduction extrêmement précis. Les nuances sont respectées et jamais la traduction fournie par Mme PETRY-LYNCH n'a pu trahir ni les questions posées par le magistrat instructeur, ni les réponses fournies par mon client.

Aurélien (75)

We have been using Valérie for several years now, firstly for French lessons and secondly to interpret papers etc for our "project d’adoption", she has been invaluable in her help with the latter, she is very thorough, tenacious and she never leaves a stone unturned, without her help I don’t think we have been passed for adoption. She accompanied us to meetings and translated documents along with writing letters for us.

We recommend her to friends and clients that are in need of her services and will continue to do so with pleasure, her rates for translating are very reasonable and her work is of the highest standard.

Karen (79)

I have known Valerie Petry for a number of years. Initially she taught me French, and she was very good, she made the lessons interesting and fun, apart from being very thorough when it came to grammar and vocabulary.  The results were very good, and it is a credit to her that she told me that I didn't need her any more !
Since then she helped me on numerous occasions with difficulties I have had with the French tax system, helping me to write letters, health care etc etc. Nothing is too much trouble for Valerie, and if there is something that she is not too sure of herself, she always knows someone in authority who can help.
I highly recommend Valerie Petry to anyone French, or English, who needs professional help.

Joanna (79)

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