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Valérie Pétry Lynch

Téléphone : (+33) 06 37 51 97 06

Email : valerie.petry@gmail.com

My name is Valerie Petry Lynch, I was born in the UK from a French mother and an Irish father, which enables me to be fluent in both languages. I came to live in France in my early teens and stayed as I married a French gendarme. I have spent over 20 years translating and interpreting for many different organisations, the army, the administration, High Courts and Appeal Courts, schools, the Anglican Chaplaincy.


I have been appointed Judicial Expert near the Appeal Court of Poitiers, this allows me to certify any translations and assist you in any formal meetings.


I endeavour to satisfy your requirements, however small or challenging. I will aim to represent you in all manners and obtain satisfaction for your requests. I believe there is always a way to find a solution when there is a dialogue.


The list of my services is by no means exhaustive.....if you have a need for help with any French administration or organisation, just contact me and we

can see what is possible. I look forward to collaborating with you and helping you settle in our lovely country as easily as possible, so that you can

enjoy the relaxing lifestyle you've come to find.

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